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Monday, 30 December 2013
EARTH war message via ATT Long Lines

From the Z-paper series by Herb Zinser 


Let's look at Nature's  SYMBOL MACHINE  messages that are printed in newspapers and magazines ...... words and algebra  word subsets ... symbol codes that need to be translated using the atomic ENGLISH language translators, the BASE pair biochemistry EVENT translator, etc.



 The EVENT -->









































The evolution of math symbol life from year 1910 VIA the Russell communications path.



Fundamentals of Genetics : Peter J. Russell ... 

The  Fundamentals of Genetics and the Biology



Genetics (5th Edition) [Hardcover]

Peter J. Russell

BP Global

Supplier of petroleum, solar energy, petrochemicals, bitumen, LPG, lubricants, aviation fuels and fuel cards. Information on products, services, environment and ...
Careers - ‎About BP - ‎Investors - ‎Contact us

Images for BP british petroleum


Images for BP base pairs




Below, the living EARTH cell and the BP oil drill into the GULF of Mexico...

with the Edward  SNOWDEN and C.P. SNOW communications signal ...


Essay - Our Two Cultures - NYTimes.com


Mar 19, 2009 - Fifty years after it appeared, people are still citing C. P. Snow's “Two ... So why did Snow think the supposed
gulf between the
two cultures was ... 


transformed ionto the GULF of Mexico oil well incident ...








  • Zinj and the Leakeys - Archaeology Magazine Archive

    Aug 3, 2009 - On July 17, 1959 paleoanthropologist Mary Leakey discovered a fossilized skull from a previously unknown species of hominid that she and ...
  • Mary Leakey - Extended Learning Institute

    Dec 27, 2011 - How did the work of Mary Leakey contribute to our knowledge of early ... In early October 1948, Mary discovered the skull and jaws of an ... "Zinj" was the oldest hominid ever found to that time and the first of that species.
    Background - ‎Timeline - ‎Websites - ‎Books



















    CICS = Customer Information Control System. It used a VTAM netork to connect the terminals. The CICS screen were displayed on a 3270 CRT = Cathode Ray Tube.



     Thus given the CICS screen and its bright cursor .....

    what is Nature's HINDU ancient bio-computer brain equivalent.
    Nature's design team has provided this bio-cursor displayed on a bio-screen ... the human forehead screen.



     Thus we see the supersymmetry /parallel .....

    -copper wire computer control panel
    -human brain computer social controls




    Strategic Arms Limitation Talks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    The Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) were two rounds of bilateral talks and corresponding international treaties involving the United States and the Soviet ...
     Thus we see pieces to Nature's puzzling message,

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    Updated: Monday, 30 December 2013 4:13 PM EST

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