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Saturday, 4 January 2014
I-35W Bridge Collapse and EARTH genetics signal

From the Z-paper series by Herb Zinser


Z-paper 651 with Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE language tools



Below, the living EARTH cell signal about chromsome breakage ...using automobile chrome  --> super-symmetry mirror --> chromosomes 

Images for automobile chrome bumper






Below, a chromosome police car with their CHROME identifier  .... looking for human chromosomes with chromosome social behavior violations.



The humanoid policeman has his IRON red blood cell  SIGNALS on the outside of the iron car with its 4  DNA rubber wheels SIGNALS.
Thus policemen are really biochemistry social science agents ... undercover agents  for Nature's social engineering systems.





Universities in Cambridge .... Nature's view of a classroom brains 











The BP --> Base Pair WAR on the living EARTH cell  .... with the signal ... 

Deepwater Horizon oil spill - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The Deepwater Horizon oil spill (also referred to as the BP oil spill, the BP oil disaster, the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, and the Macondo blowout) began on 20 April ...




 The modern data bit --> bitch system of human bio-computers ...




Below, bio-math man and his character  --> man -->  mantissa life 


 The bio-math character of modern man  ..... 

Characteristic and Mantissa in Logarithm - math-for-all-grades

Every Logarithm has two parts Characteristic and Mantissa, where the Whole part is called Characteristic and the Decimal part is called Mantissa

mantissa - definition of mantissa by the Free Online Dictionary ...

The part of a logarithm to the base ten that is to the right of the decimal point. For example,
if 2.749 is a logarithm, .749 is the mantissa. Compare characteristic



Base pair - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Base pairs are the building blocks of the DNA double helix, and contribute to the folded structure of both DNA and RNA. Dictated by specific hydrogen bonding ...

Images for bp base pair 

 Below, the living EARTH CELL  ..........  at DEEPWATER Horizon ......


 The super-symmetry physics and bio-physics parallel MIRROR 



  • C]

    Mary Leakey - Garden City High School

    Mary and Louis Leakey were two archaeologists who married and devoted their ... The Leakeys called the fossil species Zinjanthropus [zin jan'thra pas; from ...

    Dominion - Page 53 - Google Books Result

    Niles Eldredge - 1995 - ‎Nature
    Dated at about 1.8 million years, the Zinj skull was quite a bit younger than the ... fossils that seemed, while less massive, in the main similar to the Leakeys' Zinj

    CLUE --> leakey zinjan skull ---> SIGNAL via BP oil leak with 11 dead  with 1.8 million --> implies 18 --> atomic mass of water molecules in the Gulf of Mexico water


    Images for leakey zinjan skull

  • Zinjanthropus - The Free Dictionary

    zin·jan·thro·pus (z n-j n thr -p s, z n j n-thr p s). n. ... from bones found in Tanzania in 1959 and originally designated Zinjanthropus boisei by Louis S.B. Leakey.



     Thus we have a few pieces to a mystery puzzle from Nature with Nature's SYMBOL MACHINE language translator.

    Posted by herbzinser at 1:26 PM EST
    Updated: Sunday, 5 January 2014 2:11 AM EST

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