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Sunday, 23 March 2014
DeCoupled Spectra explains optical and infra-red divorce

From the Z-paper series by Herb Zinser

Z-paper 929 ruses the SYMBOL MACHINE to review the optical data stream of consciousness to help understand modern human activities.




Matrices and Linear Algebra

Chapter 2. Matrices and Linear Algebra. 2.1 Basics. Definition 2.1.1. A matrix is an m × n array of scalars from a given field. F. The individual values in the matrix ...






Matrices --> why rice is thrown on the newly married couple as they leave the church  ... to celebrate the bio-math alliance named: marry    



  • Organic Structures from Spectra - Page iii - Google Books Result

    L. D. Field, ‎S. Sternhell, ‎J. R. Kalman - 2012 - ‎Science
    13C is a rare nucleus (1.1% natural abundance) and its low concentration coupled ... 6.1 COUPLING AND DECOUPLING IN 1~°>c NMR SPECTRA Because the ...
  • 6.1 Measuring 13 C NMR Spectra

    University of Wisconsin‑Madison
    Feb 13, 2013 - Whereas an 1H spectrum on 1 mg of a typical organic compound can ... 13C spectra, we usually use
    some form of broadband decoupling ...
    in human social chemistry terms ....
    The marriage of a Miss BROAD  + Mr ---> broad + husband -->
    known in molecular social scinces as a :  Broadband couple
    hence, human molecular divorce is the decoupling process 



    Representative Jeff Wood of Wisconsin: Just What Does He ...

    Oct 28, 2009 - It behooves us to study the circumstances in Wisconsin with respect to politics.
    Representative Jeff Wood of Chippewa Falls,
    Wisconsin ...


    Nature's representative for the  cellulose wood chip within the organic molecule continuum. 


    Turning Wood Chips Into Nutritious Food | Inside Science

    Sep 3, 2013 - Percival Zhang, a biochemical engineer at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg said, “We can convert wood chips that become edible starch.” Cellulose ...

     The manipulation BRAIN experiments of scientists trying tom make a religious convert .......  
    with Mr. Wood Chippewa falls 


     Why Mr.Wood drives on a journey ..... to reveal  a TOP SECRET message 

    Wood Alcohol - Journey to Forever


    THE idea of extracting alcohol from wood by subjecting the latter to hydrolysis and fermentation is quite old. As early as 1819, Braconnet had published a ... 


     Super-symmetry WOOD  mirror experiments of UW, Madison  ..







     Above, simple minded newspaper editors RUN  Jeff Woods thru the  ETHICS and responsibility digester.



    Beloe, the IRS  B.F.Skin(ner) box  dermatoloy tax system for real esate bedroom housing tricks.




    What Is a Fertility Clinic?
    PENTAGON  strategy for Washington, DC party crowd ...... How to Choose the Right One - 





     Let's look at Nature's  SYMBOL MACHINE and its word commands upon the human bio-computer symbol processor.


    The SYMBOL MACHINE is comprised of English language words and concepts, math and physics equations, biochemistry diagrams, electromagnetic sin wave schematics, etc.   The SYMBOL MACHINE equivalent are basic college textbooks in math and science  that may be found in any  bookstore  or a bookstore near a university.


    We are reminded of ......


    Language in thought and action - S. I. Hayakawa - Google ...

    books.google.com › Language Arts & Disciplines › Linguistics › General‎

    A revised, updated edition of S. I. Hayakawa's classic work on semantics. He discusses the role of language, its many functions, and how language shapes our ...


    Hayakawa: A Summary - Personal Homepages


    Apr 22, 2008 - Semantics is primarily concerned with meaning and reference, i.e. what Hayakawa calls the relationship between the «map» and the «territory» ...


    Maps and Territories - Rijnlandmodel



    Uit: Language in Thought and Action, door S.I. Hayakawa.
    Chapter 2 Symbols Maps and Territories
    There is a sense in which we all live in two worlds




    Infrared spectroscopy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Infrared spectroscopy (IR Spectroscopy) is the spectroscopy that deals with the infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum, that is light with a longer ...

    Infrared spectroscopy - ‎Fourier transform infrared - ‎Near-infrared spectroscopy 


     Bedroom activity and pregnacy stretch marks ... ...  stretch  the truth of citizen social engineering SYSTEM  explanationshttp://www.chm.bris.ac.uk/webprojects1997/RogerEC/BandPos.gif




    Euclidean Geometry - University of Pittsburgh

    University of Pittsburgh
    The geometry of Euclid's Elements is based on five postulates. ... known points in Euclid's system where the deductions are less rigorous than we would expect.




    Euclidean geometry :: Fundamentals -- Encyclopedia Britannica

    Encyclopaedia Britannica
    In its rough outline, Euclidean geometry is the plane and solid geometry. ... As a basis for further logical deductions, Euclid proposed five common notions





    Thus we have the  existential "Tale of 2 different deduction Processes".


    Control rod - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A control rod is a rod used in nuclear reactors to control the rate of fission of uranium and plutonium. They are made of chemical elements capable of absorbing ...

    and super-symmetry MIRROR  LAWS in bio-physics BEDROOMS
    with atomic bio-physics biology cell nucleus ... volume CONTROL  laws of Nature and the violations by communities 








     The carbon atom number 6 and water molecule mass 18 play an important role in the eye/pupil /optical nerve data processing section of INPUT photon data in graphic shapes of  26 English alphabet letters.


    These English language  message are then transferred to the ferrous oxide iron  HEME group Fe(ii) ion that ferries/transports the English language message thru-out the  human body and its bio-SYMBOL MACHINE processor.  



     The Virginia TECH English department of adult fe = ferrous oxide females is using the wrong version of atomic ENGLISH language .... and their explanation of the shooting at Norris Hall is incomplete according to modern resasonable standards of TOE theory.


    Theory of everything - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    A theory of everything (ToE) or final theory, ultimate theory or master theory refers to the hypothetical presence of a single, all-encompassing, coherent ...






     Thus we see some pieces to a few puzzles about our human lives that are subsets embedded within the multi-faceted dimensions of Nature's large expression system.

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    Updated: Sunday, 23 March 2014 6:22 PM EDT

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