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Herb Zinser - Science 01
Wednesday, 1 May 2013
Killing Time equation --> Y2K TIME WAR at Killen, Texas



Recently, I was listening to an FM radio station.  Between ROCK songs,  the music  show host makes various comments. Some listeners call in to chat briefly.    

Those words I really don't pay attention to.   The conversations skim the surface of my conscious mind  that is concentrating on my science papers.  

The words "KILLING TIME"  did ring a bell; as I thought to myself ...... I haven't heard that  for some time.   It is a popular phase that explains ..... idle leisure time.


What does the phase "killing time" mean? - Yahoo! Answers

answers.yahoo.com › ... › Education & ReferenceWords & Wordplay

Apr 6, 2009 – The phrase killing time is primarily an idiomatic expression, meaning "spending time in an inconsequential manner." ... 


kill time

Fig. to use something up, especially time.

I killed time reading a novel.

The employees were not encouraged to kill time.



kill time

to do something which is not very useful or interesting while you are waiting for time to pass

We usually play guessing games to kill time at airports. 



kill time

to do something while waiting We were early for our appointment, so we killed time at a bookstore. 



What is an advanced example ..... after year 2000 and the start of the Y2K human bio-computer brain TIME WARS   involving the incomplete  Quantum Time Code  from --> Quantico, Virginia --> the Quan + ti +co  and the FBI --> Function BIT map for space / time on EARTH surface regions.


Kill Time --> Kill T --> Killeen, Texas at Fort Ho = Hour.

Military time agents at Pentagon and DARPA  need to recalibrate and upgrade their  brain computer to Nature's year 2000 biochemistry SYMBOL MACHIME standards for  human  data processors.


Base 16 and the oxygen atomic computer used by the LUNG is not recognized by the Earth greography computer address space at  1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. 


Let's look at that IBM    hexadecimal address again!  

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington,  DC

1600 Pen   --> atomic mass rounded to 16 0 = Oxygen atomic computer ...  open data set comprised of the  
atomic number 8 --> 8 data  bits.    Thus we have ORDERS from Nature and n-space that are ignored  by the  university political science thinkers and other citizens and communities.












Example: COBOL coding for files - IBM

(1) filename: Any valid COBOL name. You must use the same file-name in the SELECT and FD statements, and in the OPEN, READ, START, DELETE, and ...



Citizens  and Washington, DC ignores Nature's instructions.

Let's see what happens:

OPEN --> O  + PEN --> Intellectual CIRCLEs of arrogance & PENTAGON  

 READ --> Soldier REAd Center for the Y2K brain  TIME war Fort HOOD --> HO  OD --> HOUR  Of Death  ....


 START --> STAR --> shooting STAR  Nidal Hasan with  biochemistry and an educated  biological clock from Virginia  TECH.


DELETE --> 13  bio-computer soldiers  with OS/JCL and system 37.0 degree Celsius thermodynamic processor are DELETED.


DISP = Old, Delete. Delete 


Reusable JCL: Deleting a
FORTRAN H time engineering data set - IBM


Modify this JCL sample to delete an existing data set, using the IBM program ... DD SYSOUT=* // ddname DD DSN= dsname , // DISP=(OLD,DELETE,DELETE) /* ... is to run IEFBR14, which is a program that simply passes control back to z/OS


Well, how could this  happen?
Humanoids are bio-computer SYMBOL MACHINES.
Have been for  thousands of years.   The introduction of copper wire MAIN FRAME computers between 1950 thru 1980  provides us with a partial mirror to the brain processing system and society.


Now   let's return to the FM radio words "Killing TIme".  These common slang phrase  words have been used in radio, television and in movie reruns on TV.

These are Federal Communication Commission broadcasts using EM = ElectroMagnetic waves.    The EM waves are called programs   .....television programs ....  more correctly  they are EM programming instructions to the brain bio-computer of EM = EMPLOYEES.

Thus we see the EM control system used to control society and the brains of millions of people.   University professors are EM = EMPLOYEES  .....   as are  various state and corporate workers. 

Hence, we see how TV instructions to the human brain  can be used to instruct EMployees to EAT their own brains and own bodies.

Thus we have Alzheimer's brain memory
 cannibal sub-routines  and we have  FCC  EM programmed cancer.  BAL = Basic(k) Assembler Language such as BASIC training of bio-computer soldiers at  FORT HOOD.


The FCC attack systems --> using the electric(K) field 


The FCC current purpose  in year 2013 is to attack the internal DNA of a human  ..... the FCC = Francis C. Crick.


Thus we have the FCC EM   VS  FCC DNA.


One would think that the PENTAGON and universities would concerned about these hidden systems.  

The pen.TAG.on represents is one of 64 codons of DNA .... the T,A, G combination.  Universities and the penTAGON deny this assignment by NATURE's biochemistry systems. 




These institutions are so in-bred with their own self-love and concepts of superior thoughts ...... that sometimes ...  somthing simple escapes their attention ... while they are focused on more complex enemy structure.


But what is a component of the MILITARY word:

ENEMY  --> EN  EM   Y --> Y2k  war signals.

ENGLISH EM Errors  .... hence the battle at Virginia TECH NORRIS HALL engineering. 



The U.S.ARMY War Colleges warned the world about the various battles  in civilian society and at FORT HOOD. 


The Mind Has No Firewall - US Army War College

by TL THOMAS - 1998 - Cited by 20 - Related articles

The Mind Has No Firewall. TIMOTHY L. THOMAS ... The human body, much like a computer, contains myriad data processors. They include, but are not limited ... 


Has Washington, DC upgraded their brain with the year 2000 bio-computer  Y2K subroutine.

Does Base 16 address 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue understand Sartre  existentialism, the 11-dimensions of physics on EARTH, and the super-symmetry war in Syria.


Serious awareness is very important ..... citizens ought spend more time fixeing their brain SYMBOL MACHINE with algebra equations, etc.

The VIRGINIA, Tech TIME WAR with Mr.CHO = Clock HOUR.



English Department  says

Twenty-four  hours =  24 hours in 1day 

20 minus 4 = 16 hours in 1 day ( Time engineering at NORRIS HALL) 


LIfe is complicated at Virginia TECH.   They refuse to acknowledge the   REAL  ISSUES underlying ther tragic event.
The empirical data signal is quite clear ..... April 16 and the TIME agent Mr. Clock HOUR and the algebra equation. 

Perhaps, its TIME to close Virginia TECH until the students  fix their biological clock and brain computer.    Pay attention to Chuck Norris  ... televison broadcast commands via the TEXAS Rangers  and  .... their influence .... Norris Hall and a Texas style shoot-out.   



And the TEXAS Rangers of TIME visted Fort HO.
Thus the complicated battle  at TIME military base FORT HO. 

The world is big place and NATURE has many systems that interact with humans. DARPA and the PENTAGON ought try to understand these things.   Most citizens do NOT care  about such things ...but I believe the PENTAGON has some serious thinkers that many awaken.

Do not   feel bad.  I was  over 50 years  old before I realized that the books BRAVE NEW WORLD and 1984 where advance warning signals  about a planned  social psychology war.   These are now known as the SCIENCE WARS   .... that begun  around 1995/ 1996.

Posted by herbzinser at 3:50 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 1 May 2013 10:15 PM EDT

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