The modern social science wars of atoms, math equations, gravity field life, biochemistry molecules, television photons, English language nouns and symbolic life. 






The John Boslough astrophysics book  about Stephen Hawking conatins many formulas and equations using the atomic / astrophysics continuum ENGLISH language.   Here, we will explain some of the messages in more detail. 






 Let's look at page 87  signals ...... that had a probability distribution of actualization in the physical WORLD of air planes, buildings, concrete  highways, etc.


What are we saying?


The modern UNIVERSE on Planet Earth is comprised of 2 major parts.

a) the symbolic universe of  English language vowels, nouns , verbs, math and physics equations, chemistry formula for social chemistry, etc.    The symbolic universe  appears to most people in the FORMAT of  newspapers, magazines, and books.  ADVANCED FORMATS are basic college texbooks in algebra, calculus, linear algebra, biochemistry, physics, chemistry, organic chemistry ,  etc  ---> that are to be considered as reference books by the modern adult  ..... who needs to understand modern, advanced ENGLISH ...known as extended English ...which includes the quadratic equation,  the atomic model  (of electrons, protons, neutrons),  gravity grammer,  the Star Wars character Han SOLO represents SOLOMON"s college textbook in organic chemistry, etc.


Book authors and others   ..sometimes have acces to the James Joyce DATA STREAM  of consciousness  and parts of the deeper levels of  thoughts ...such as the atomic / astrophysics continuum  OR the Carl Jung atomic collective unconsciousness ..such as a university collective of  STUDENTS and  professors and their collective GROUP MIND thoughts .... group thoughts at some primordial level. 

ERRORS in the GROUP MIND result in group tragedy...such as Cole Hall shooting, Virginia TECH shooting, Columbine High School shooting, etc.    The Department of Education refuses to help figure out the exact problems in the  GROUP mentality ...that causes NATURE  to send   tragic signals to society.


Later ...we wiil look at the astrophysics  message.


b) the symbolic universe  and thoughts   ..... may have a  relationship to

physical reality  Let's look at a simple example.


--> a  person sketches out a  plan to build a garage for his car.  He plans to builf it himself with supplies ftom a local lumber yard, etc.    These are words and numbers on a piece of paper ..with some drawings ..etc.     Now this has a high probability of being carried out  .....and the   result would be  a physical garage.


-->  the same average person  ..... decides to build his version of the EMPIRE STATE building ..... more a 

hypothetical  plan with many if conditions (raising money,etc).

Thus, that has a low probabilty of happening now  ..... but then he  may  win the lottery 30 years from now,..and then do it.


Thus we see a process..... that symbols, words, ideas, equations and calculations written on cellulose paper  in some  organized, sensible fashion  ARE  are  prerequiste  to the  physical construction of some 

object  ...whether it is in cement,  iron,  lumber     or  some copper-wire electron device    or some  computer software program.




Let's look at page 87 signals ...... that had a probability distribution of actualization in the physical WORLD of air planes, buildings, concrete highways, etc.  





 Let's translate the above.

First, let's establish a point of view   ..of a virtual astrophysics scientist  ... millions of miles away  .....looking at EARTH.  This is possible with Einstein' theory of  relative sizes and relative viewing positions.


Thus, we have astrophysics galactic LOCAL REGION (Planet Earth)  ...viewed as an interesting specimen for study.  ........ that is the study of   news EVENTS that occur on EARTH . 


 KEYWORDS  from   the above .....


gravity  ---> gravity city of ISAAC NEW + TON =  NEW York City with TONS of   weight of   iron /glass the former  WORLD TRADE CENTER ..before Sept 11, 2001.

Since gravity interacts with atomic mass ...then specifally, the gravity field interacts with the  brain atomic mass of newspaper reporters  at the ISAAC NEW paper ...known as the NEW York Times gravity life,   gravity social  sciences, and gravity business newspaper. 


The gravity people have a algebra subset SIGNAL GROUP.
The word gravity has subset word gay ...hence, the gay people are doing social science research in gravity field forces.  The big  SCIENCE ISSUE is:    


Do  gay people marry?
 Thus we have the secret gravity equation of the University   of  Wisconsin, Madison and MIlwaukee  to former Govenor JIM  (Do) Doyle,  Let's look at that equation again. 

Do gay people marry?
Doyle gravity people math array. 

Let's look back 100  years ago.....
Doyle the gay 90's  ...with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and Queen Victoria = Vict + orbital physics ...suggesting gravity fields and  orbitals being done in 1890 thru 1899  .....that is kept OUT OF modern science history books in year 2012.
WHY? . 
Because we have subset of the human population that has super powerful SECRET.



 Wall --> astrophysics reference to EARTH  financial  systems ... and WALL Street


The wall of Planck time  10 exponent -43   --> secret investment signals for   Manhattan address  43 Wall Street. 





Big Bang  --> the predicted possibilty of the mathematical-physics  plane geometry attack   on Manhattan.

This occured in the Sept 11 , 2001   battle of the 11-dimensions  .........
Sept 11 = S 11 --> String theory 11 dimensions  WAR SIGNAL 

Manhattan =  M  + tan  --> M-theory  physics tangents  


Manhattan = subset symbols atta --> expanded to  ATTACK mode via the Max Planck factors
Planck =  project PLAN ck ..thus above symbols atta + ck --> attack command ...orders of central command program module of the astrophysics LOCAL REGION .......EARTH command.


page 87 words ..... accelerators on EARTH ......thus the reference to airplanes...that accelerate upon
take-off from the airport.  Thus more written CLUES  ..........  that preceded the actual realization of the EVENT process.

September 11 attacks - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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The Sept 11, attacksSeptember 11 attacks (also referred to as September 11, September 11, or 9/11) ... The hijackers intentionally flew two of those planes, American Airlines Flight 11 .... widespread confusion among news organizations and air traffic controllers.












Above ..words from page 87 ..

-----> to cross the planck wall, it would be   .......Drawin selection of symbols ...
cross-correlation plan ....wall .. two     ........the TWO TOWERS attack plan 


Where does the PLAN exist?

The plan exists in the Margaret Mead nuclear  family  level .....atomic social sciences and atomic anthropology ...well.known to the Deaprtment of Energy and  Washington,DC  ...... who omit obvious details for their explanation of the tragic EVENT. 

But that is routine.....omission of details about Virginia TECH, FORT HOOD, COLE HALL, the Vietnam War , the Kuwait conflict ....... everyone seems to have taken a course at Virginia  TECH in advanced ENGLISH class ..... advanced  creative writing for Hollywood script writers  , newspaper  editors and reporters,  and  university social science  professors.


The plan exists at   a  larger level ..the atomic/astrophysics continuum  ...which has within  it the  information set mentioned above...the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear anthroplogy level of  thought and perception.


The plan mentioned ...was also outlined by other authors.

The TWO TOWERS  of the World Trade Center  ...was a subject covered by others







500 × 769 - The Two Towers by J.R.R. Tolkien


 What else can we discover?
 Let;s look at page 92 .....of the Stephen Hawking Universe.
Below, the gravity field WAR clues ...words:
gravity already has broken free  ..... in other words
gravity --> Isaac NEW  =  NEW York City gravity field war zone
already = al + read + y = alphabets / algebra  read  Y2K problems  
has broken  = h boken --> hoboken New Jersey  .... aniohter version of Isaac Newton gravity interacation with  atomic mass of humanoid TEST specimens of EARTH LAB.







Thus we have the gravity WAR ZONE   between  Hoboken, NEW Jersey and Manhattan,  New York City.
Below is a picture of  Hoboken  viewing  the  Manhattan equation.
Manhattan = Ma +  adjective symbols ... nh + att + an physics words
Force = M * a = Mass * acceleration  of  gravity (vertical force) + attributtes of the gravity field







470 × 313 - Hoboken NJ Locksmith

Thus we understand the CODE of SILENCE  of  G = Governments   ...that
  do not properly explain Nature's  G  = Gravity Governemnt and its social engineering policies. 
Human GOVERNMENTS and other institutions are considered subsets   within Nature's many dimensions of  existence.   M-theory physics, the 11-dimensions of  string theory, the SOCIAL CONTRACT of John Locke,   the Constitution of the United States, etc ..... all explain the multipicity of FORMATS of existence.....that citizens and students have forgotten to study and explain.
Page 92 words  applied  to the TWO TOWERS (vertical vectors)  attacked by  (horizontal vectors)
WORDS are...
the process begins, regions get an enormous kick of energy (the WORLD TRADE CENTER receives
horror via hor ..... the double-helix concept of  aut.HOR  and HOR.izonthal vectors   AND the kick of energy is the horizontal plane geometry  VECTOR
perhaps akin to a jolt of negative gravity (the horizontal attack ...)
and erupt into bubbles that are detined (thus the bubbles of the WORLD TRADE CENTER).
Thus we see the GRAVITY   WAR  news
U.S.  Attacked -->   Universe Space Attack  as reported bu the ISSACC NEWTON  ...NEW YORK TIMES    ...that is year 2000 SPACE/ TIME boundary war  .....
New  York  TIME S. ystems   ERRORS   include incomplete   news reports 







600 × 520 - 9/11 - THE ATTACK ON THE TWIN TOWERS AND PENTAGON. us-attacked-2.jpg





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