Advanced social ADJUSTMENT engineering equations tested at Northern Illinois University result in student casualties.                    

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Let's look at modern engineering applications  to society.  The new  SYMBOL MACHINE technology  use  words, equations, and languages to create EVENTS.

In some cases. the SYMBOL LIFE expresses its anger and the symbol equations in the SYMBOL UNIVERSE are transformed into physical REALITY as anger and violence displays.

Let's outline the process and then show a report that explains it with more detail.

The violent EVENT of interest -->

Northern Illinois University (NIU)  shooting

The Northern Illinois University shooting was a school shooting that took place on February 14, 2008. Steven Kazmierczak shot multiple people on the campus. 

At approximately 3:05 p.m. CST, Steven Kazmierczak entered a large auditorium-style lecture hall in Cole Hall (Auditorium 101) with approximately 120 students, where an oceanography class was in session.


Let's look at keywords, concepts and symbols  ......

- Northern Illinois University  --> abbreviated Ni

- Cole Hall Ocean class  --> CHO

- oceanography ---> graph

- Steven Kazmierczak --> intial S K --> Signal (engineering)  K





Thus, given this collection of concepts from the  EVENT database  .... we can  recognize this as an expression of  the Isaac Asimov "Psychohistory" concept ..... that math and engineering equations may control some of  society and human  events   that  may occur.

The database key data suggests ........

Nichols plot - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Nichols plot is a plot used in signal processing and control design, named after American engineer Nathaniel B. Nichols.


Plot (graphics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
plot is a graphical technique for representing a data set, usually as a graph showing the .... Nichols plot : This is a graph used in signal processing in which the ...


Thus we see the graph in  SYMBOL data stream of the EVENT --> oceanography.

The Nichols equation --> Ni + CHO + ls --> Northern Illinois Cole Hall Oceanography 


Since 6 people got killed  ..we have the Nichols murder plot  ..... advanced murder engineering systems.



The human is an important component of the actualization of the engineering equation. 

dch17 nichols v2 solutions
M17.1 The vertical axis on the Nichols chart represents: (a) open loop ... Q17.2 A DC servo system has the open loop transfer function G(s) = K s(s+8) . Find the ...</strong%