The 23Signal --> 23S --> 235 Isotopes Of Uranium's Margaret Mead Atomic Anthropology Expressions VIA Atomic Humanoid Output DISPLAY Devices.




The periodic atomic table has many formats of expression. One such FORMAT are atomic biology structures on EARTH LAB that Nature  as assigned the identifier noun: humanoid.

Let's look at how uranium expresses itself.

1) the physical expression VIA the physics of nuclear bombs  or the usage of  uranium to generate electricity at nuclear power plants.  

2) the symbolic power of uranium inside Nature's intellect and the usage of symbols, numbers, equations, alphabet letters to vratea symboolic machine thta represents the symbolic  life of uranium and other elements of the atomic table.  



President C --> Jimmy CARBON Carter went to the Naval to study his atomic military base under  secret codes .......Admiral Trick RICK  over G.over --> Government.   

Hyman G. Rickover - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia ... Navy TRICK RICK Messages
Rickover is known as the "Father of the Nuclear Navy", which as of July 2007 had ......President Jimmy Carter's naval career (and the role of Admiral Rickover...

Naval Service Of Jimmy Carter
When Admiral Hyman G. Rickover (then a captain) started his program to create nuclear powered submarines, Carter wanted to join the program and was ...






Uranium-235 - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

General. Name, symbolUranium-235,235U ... Uranium-235 is an isotope of uranium making up about 0.72% of natural uranium. Unlike the predominantisotope uranium-238, it is fissile, i.e., it can sustain fission chain reaction. It is the only ... 




The 23Signal --> 23S --> 235 isotopes of  uranium's Margaret Mead atomic anthropology expressions VIA atomic humanoid output DISPLAY devices. 


The graphic arts symbol shape has some equivalent approximations  between alphabet  sysmbols and number symbols.  

 number 2 --> capital letter Z ABD IBM base 2 system 370 Z/OS

 number 8 --> capital alphabet  symbol B --> Base 2 ,  Base 4 and Base 16   linking relationship with 8 data bits  


number 5 fingers --> S --> Symbolic machine WAR with University of Wisconsin  physics at puppet string theory high school  performance at Marionette theater,  Marinette, Wisconsin.

S =  Symbolic machine
S =  Signal device and signals
S =  Sample space output messages VIA  Nature's agent
S =  Sam Hengel and the ouput messages identifier ...

data record output (outdoors with the Boy Scouts) for the
I/O port with data FIELD at geography location (Porterfield).



Nov 30, 2010 – Sam Hengel was from Porterfield... in which he held 23 students and a teacher hostage at a Northeastern Wisconsin ... More: Marinette hostage-taker wasBoy Scout, popular. By all accounts, Samuel Hengel was a nice kid.

Motive Of Samuel Hengel, 15, In School Hostage Seige Remains ... › National News
Nov 30, 2010 – Samuel Hengel died Tuesday morning at a Green Bay, Wis., ... The 15-year-old boy who held 23 students and a teacher hostage in ... well-liked, a Boy Scout, even-keeled, plenty of friends, loving family. .... Outside Hengel's home in
 Porterfield was
a large sign




 Porterfield ..... Wisconsin  EARTH SYSTEMS and the computer science  lies,  cover-ups and the murder of SAM Hengel. 


Computer  Port (Hardware) - Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
In computer hardware, a port serves as an interface between the computer and ...Some auto-detect ports can even switch between input and output based on ...

Computer Input/Output Ports And Interfaces - NASA Glenn Explorer ...
File Format: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Quick View
Computer Input/Output Ports and Interfaces. 1. Terms and abbreviations: port an electrical connection using multiple wires to send data typically between a ...





Output Ports And Interfaces 

OUT doors ( represnted by Boy Scouts)

Port --> Portersfield information systems WAR with human bio-computers and the Wisconsin state legislature and their
 bio-computer assembly languages.














U-235 (Uranium-235) « DarkGovernment
Name, symbolUranium-235,235U. Neutrons, 143. Protons, 92. Nuclide data. Natural abundance, 0.72%. Half-life, 703,800,000 years. Parent isoto..pes(t),  235Pa ..



Thus we have the Margaret Mead atomic social science signals.


 University of Wisconsin and the Department of Energy and the world's   electrical  system with nuclear power generating plants ignore REAL atomic socila anthroplogy WAR data  signals. 


U-235 (Uranium-235) « Dark Government


Update Marinette High School Hostage Taker Samuel HengelDies ...

Dec 1, 2010 – Samuel Hengel, the high school sophomore had shot a film projector and ... Samuel had held a teacher
and 23 students hostage for five hours.

Isotope Data
For Uranium  235  In The Periodic Table
Detailed decay information for the isotope Uranium235 including decay chains and ... 235U, Half-life, Fermion, 92p 143n, title icon ... Show Isotope Symbols.

 Thus we have the 23 signal ......  the decay chains of Wisconsin society and the decay of Wisconsin farms and business. 


MIlwaukee 23 signal of the Milwaukee police undercover operation  with













Signal  235 ---> translated to 23 Shooting --> translated to EARTH geography surface  tragic signaling  EVENT at Milwaukee geo-physics location ......   2nd  Street and 3rd street.

Julius Burton, who is accused of shooting two Milwaukee police officers, appears in ...Thompson turned onto S. 2nd St. and saw both officers confronting Burton, who ...Norberg, who is listed in good condition at Froedtert Hospital in Wauwatosa, ... block of S. 3rd St. less than an hour later and  the  gun used in the shooting was recovered by  atomic bio-physics humanoid police agents for the Margaret  Mead atomic nuclear family crimes.

In addition, Nature repeated the signal in Milwaukee VIA atomic numeric code 2339 --> 23 range 3 thru 9 --> giving
the well-known uranium 235 and 238 atomic religious mass numbers used by astrophysics scientists on SUNDAY  when they think of the SUN in the solar system ..and  the various  nuclear procsses of Nature's religious energy  systems.

Police Stake Out Gun Store On Lookout For Fe = Ferrous Oxide Atoms In Fe = Felon Formats, Straw Buyers › News › Milwaukee County
Sep 26, 2009 – The convicted felon and his girlfriend pulled up to Badger Guns in West ... after leaving Badger Guns2339 S43rd St. Milwaukee police had staked... after Milwaukee police Officers Graham Kunisch and Bryan Norberg were ...

Gun In Shooting Of Officer Traced To Badger Guns › News › Milwaukee County
Oct 4, 2009 – A top supplier of crime guns for years, Badger has been under ... of officers were shot in the head on Milwaukee's south side in June. ... the poison it creates is seeping onto our streets and causing havoc." ... Badger's owner, Allan, said he wasn't in the store when the gun used to shoot Officers Norberg and ...
Milwaukee citizens and newspapers like their bull-stories and the incomplete explanations of REALITY. 
Thus we have major signals  being sent to major universities, corporations, and government departments and RD labs ....
all the obvious basic   CLUES are printed in  newspapers and broadcast on  television  ..... yet they are ignored.
Thus we see that the FCC and the  mass communications industry (newspapers, magazines, television,  radio,  movies, etc)    can't  handle the intellectual  communication requirements of life on EARTH ..... which includes atomic mass and atomic mass social engineering  communication signals. 


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