Earth iron core cancer report on humans and iron buildings                        














The Earth IRON CORE uses the gravity field and magnetic field to interact with the IRON atoms on the geography surface of EARTH. Thus the existence of the interaction  mechanism with IRON hemoglobin protein entities and  cement /iron buildings on the geography surface of EARTH.











IRON is an atomic  species and thru Darwinian atomic evolution has taken new structural configurations.

The 26 protons of IRON have 26 atomic English language letters. The ferrous oxide atom alphabet is used for atomic WORD dictionaries and advanced communications.  The Hollywood dictionary is used by universities and newspapers to create EXPLANATIONS of reality ....... for those lazy students who like propaganda and BRAVE NEW WORLD.


What are some IRON  atomic  species?  What are examples of  Darwinian atomic evolution and  new structural configurations.


Long ago, Nature had an atomic bio-physics experimental strcuture LABELED --> male.

Then Nature decided to the atomic level... the male GROUP into 2 atomic sub-species of
Fe = Ferrous oxide atoms in living configurations.  

Thus we have now have 2 atomic human sub-species:

- fe + male --> females
- .......male --> --males

In modern times, the heritage of atomic language history of ferrous oxide NAMING CONVENTIONS .....

would be the example  ferrous oxide/ iron  / cement building below.

Would that be a living female building?

The Spanish language assigns a sex  to various nouns.... Pier Oddone could answer questions on atomic NAMING CONVENTIONs possibly used at FermiLAB.














Thus we see the EARTH geology  iron core and the magnetic field INTERACT with iron objects on the surface of EARTH: humans with iron red blood cells, iron motor vehicles, and iron office buildings.

Thus humans are subsets embedded within the EARTH magnetic field ocean  ..... the magnetic field sea.

Let's look at a CANCER disease report and translate the CLUES given about the EARTH iron core CANCER factor.



by A Jemal - 2011 - Cited by 3188 - Related articles
Feb 4, 2011 – Global cancer statistics. Jemal A, Bray F, Center MM, Ferlay J, Ward E, Forman D. Surveillance Research, American Cancer Society, Atlanta, ...


 Let's take the above SIGNAL and translate and enhance the message using the 26 protons of IRON and its 26 atomic English alphabet letters. 


by A Jemal - 2011 - Cited by 3188 - Related articles

Feb 4, 2011 --> month Fe = Ferrous oxide report

Ferlay --> Ferrous oxide layers of processing on EARTH LAB ...... probably releated to the Fer= Ferrous oxide Hierarchy Problem  of physics at Fer = FermiLAB RD location.
Remember the year 1914 assassination of IRON atom humanoid representative in Europe.


ASSASSINATION OF ARCHDUKE FERDINAND: 28 JUNE1914 | 1914 | FIRST ... › ... › First World War, 1914-18 › 1914
In June 1914Archduke Franz Ferdinand was heir to the throne of Austria-Hungary. His father, Emperor Franz Josef, was 84 years old and in failing health.

ARCH....KEY FER .....


Ward E, Forman D. Surveillance Research, American Cancer Society, Atlanta, ...

 Ward E, --> War de--> War details  

Cancer Society --> Earth geography TROPIC of Cancer society

 Article  Words

-->cancer cases and 23% of the total cancer deaths


cancer cases and 23% of the total cancer deaths
cancer cases and 23% of the t.......cancer deaths cancer cases and 23% of the tropic cancer deaths 


ABOVE geogarphy map shows line 23.5 of the Tropic of Cancer...a possible  factor in EARTH cancer disease.


 Article  Words

56% of the cases and 64% of the deaths occurred in 

The isotope 56Fe is the isotope with the lowest mass per nucleon, 930.412 MeV/c2, though not the isotope with the highest ... Standard atomic mass: 55.845(2) u ...


Red blood cells are by far the most abundant cells in the blood. ... Each molecule of hemoglobin contains
 four iron atoms, and each iron atom can bind with one ...


Article  Words 

11% of the total female cancer deaths ....subset codes
11..................tal fe....................deaths
11................tall ferrous oxide building ....Manhattan

The Earth IRON CORE battle with the TWO Iron Towers on Sept 11, 2001    ...then EARTH geography Tropic of Cancer Deaths



 Article  Words 

 health professionals, and policy makers ....key words:

professionals --> pro + fe  --> 26 protons ferrous oxide atom  .....they ought learn the social laws and limits  of NATURE's systems

 policy --> pol + ic --> North Pole ice of the Arctic Circle implies magnetic field interaction agents ....ought get their geology/geography medical story straight.


 Article  Words 

 the leading cause of cancer death among females....
the leading cause of cancer death among fe structures --> ferrous oxide  atomic WAR.


Thus we see the modern Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family....atomic social science WAR.

Think  of  IRON LADY Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and her battles .....and the British universities ignore the IRON LADY  messages about the periodic atomic table conflicts. 


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