Jesse Ventura And The I-35W Bridge --> The Atomic-Astrophysics Wrestling Match








Above Cambridge and other universities  .....the astronomy WAR keywords > Base 2  and num.eric   eric. 


 Let's look at the other end of the EARTH LAB atomic/astrophysics continuum.

The Minnesota agent has had a long career  with the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family ..... atomic social anthropology  and atomic political science with the period atomic table of elements. 


Jesse Ventura

James George Janos[4] (born July 15, 1951), better known as Jesse Ventura, is an American politicianactorauthor, veteran, and former professional wrestler who served as the 

38thGovernor of Minnesota from 1999 to 2003. 



Jesse Ventura
Jes...........uranium 238 

Thus...we see the Office of Science and FermiLAB have an atomic computer and atomic bio-computer parallel agent.

  chemical element design

  Nature's bio-chemistry parallel design  










We have the atomic bio-physics profile LINKS of Jesse Ventura.

Let's review these.

a) the 38th parallel agent to uranium 238 

b) identifier Vent.ura --> uranium 238

c) governor from 1999 to 2003 --> the year 2003 is the well-known atomic computer equation of uranium 238.

Atomic data processing 238 --> Base 23  = 8

 Year 2003 --> Base 2003 implies 8  --> gestalt completion number is giving 238 atomic mass.


In addition we see the secret IBM  bio-computer code  

Jesse Ventura ...James George Janos

What is JES? - IBM

z/OS uses a job entry subsystem or JES to receive jobs into the operating system, to schedule them for processing by z/OS, and to control their output ... 

Thus we see the bio-computer human robot  ....the citizen programmed brain computer  .... operating system of the State of Minnesota.



d) his periodic atomic table output  messenger  career was a professional wrestler.

Atomic English language word 

Professional --> Pro + fe --> the 26 protons of ferrous oxide IRON atom 


Thus we see the 2 major atomic identifiers of the Minnesota

agent: uranium  and ferrous oxide IRON atom   ...both these entities have a physical  existence and a symbolic existence as may be seen in a basic college chemistry or physics  textbook.


 Super-symmetry existential physics the parallel uranium RD and Ferrous oxide IRON atom site .. named Fer --> Ferrous oxide at Fer--> FermiLAB in the  Batman region of Northern Illinois. 

 FermiLAB  and the mirror  of the professional wrestler.















Above, the FermiLAB secret photon signal ---> Land of Sky Blue Waters with  the Jesse Ventura extended family  .... uranium social sciences with Margaret Mead.

[Edited 2006-03-15 23:52:20] 

From the land of sky blue waters,
From the land of pines, lofty balsams,
Comes the beer refreshing,
Hamm's, the beer refreshing.


Hamms --> H + am + ms --> Hydrogen atomic mass message systems VIA water moelcule  .....

From the land of pines    to the land of pi = 3.14159 --> Pier Oddone 


The I-35W bridge was composed of  Iron atoms  that were involved in the atomic/astrophysics continuum SCIENCE WARS ..... and the isotopes 235 atomic anthropology problems.

Consequently the atomic bridge  collapse  ......with the important message to the uranium  group.

Minnesota Governor Vent.Uranium 238

I-Integer base 2 .....

I-35 BRIDGE --> 235 --> Uranium 235 istopes(t)  communications   bridge problems in Margaret Mead atomic anthropology  and the Hierarchy Problem of physics that excludes  Nature's  Darwinina selection of Margaret Mead nuclear family analysts.


Thus we have the BP = Base Pair   continuum  genetics  puzzle. 


Base Pair --  Ventura and Stephen Hawking

Base Pair--  Ventura  and FermiLAB 


Thus we see how super-symmetry concepts and the Grand Unified Theory help us understand Nature's project assignments to various humanoids. 





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