E.G.Marshall (actor)   and television  show "Masterpiece Theater"  (host Alisatir Cooke) that was shown on PBS TV in Chicago ..provide CLUES as to the Nature of our existence..

The Earth government with Nature's intellect and Computer Earth system 370 help us understand the history and current status of    BOTANY military systems in year 2012.




E.G.Marshall --> agent for the  Earth Government  (field) Marshall ...near   Marshall, Wisconsin  in the Hubble(ton), Wisconsin special astronomy projects region.


E. G. Marshall - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
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E. G. Marshall (June 18, 1914 – August 24, 1998) was an American actor, best known for his television roles as the lawyer Lawrence Preston on The Defenders ...


television roles as the lawyer Lawrence Preston on The Defenders roles as the lawyer Lawrence Preston on The Defenders roles the optical astronomy WAR ...
the current war status

Galileo the  Defender (of EARTH in the year 1600/1616 invasion of alien thought formats)
Galileo the  Defender (Chicago DEFENDER astronomy military  newspaper)
Galileo the  Defender (television show DEFENDER in electromagnetic wars with the FCC)






220px‑Alistair_Cooke, 333 - Alistair Cooke



Alistair Cooke - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
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Alfred Alistair Cooke KBE (20 November 1908 – 30 March 2004) was a British/American journalist, television personality and broadcaster. Outside his ...


Hosts and Producers | Masterpiece | PBS
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Learn about the hosts and producers of the PBS British drama series Masterpiece, ... Alistair Cooke was the host of Masterpiece Theatre for 22 seasons, ... winning cult TV The X Files series, Gillian Anderson is well known to Masterpiece ...











Both were major representatives for Nature and the evolution of the SOCIAL CONTRACT between Nature and man as outlined  by John Locke and others.  Also,  they were spokespersons  involved with Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory of Military Field THEORY.  
The  FIELD theory military officers are humanoids  or other entities...........humanoid agents are known by their ROLE (position) in the THEATER of WAR year 2012...the  SCIENCE WARS in Europe, the United States, and elsewhere.

The agents  or other entiries  are known by the ROLE (position) in Nature's FIELD theory military HIERARCHY .....such military titles as:    Field Marshal.

What are some examples of this relationship between the symbolic life of   concepts and  their representatives:



DP --> Data Processing military agent --> General DP = David Petraus

Lumber --> Botany cellulose entity ---> LU + MBER = Logical Unit Member of a PDS (Partitioned  Data  Set). This is within the context of Computer Earth  system 370  .....with  the  LANDAU  geo-physics  and Einstein   data  fields  of various fields: atomic fileds, gravity fields, magnetic fields, force fields, etc. 

Computer Earth system 370 ...Base 16  computer address space  at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue denies the existence of Base 16 hexadecimal.  Universities also deny the  possibilities  of Base 16 expression.

Thus we have NATURE's  Botany government   CELLULOSE WAR  with the human  brain CELL  ...and the cell  subset MITOCHODRIA  component  and the human   MITOCHONDRIA education center ...the univerity of MIT, Cambridge, in the STATE of MIND ....Mass .....that is atomic mass  ....and atomic religious mass..........VERSUS the  bragging error religious  mass.



Mitochondrion - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mit university experiments in awareness

....cho and the Virginina TECH English class arrogance WAR - Similar
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In cell biology, a mitochondrion (plural mitochondria) is a membrane-enclosed organelle found in most eukaryotic cells. These organelles range from 0.5 to 1.0 ...
Below, images of the  Virgonia TECH student cell coffins.
Before and after images of brain death at Virginia TECH example message for the intellectually lazy  EAST Coast Universities.

The number of mitochondria present in a cell depends upon the metabolic requirements of that cell, and may range from a single large mitochondrion to thousands of the organelles.

THus we see the Herbert Spencer theory .....

Chapter IV.: The Correspondence Between Life and Its
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Herbert Spencer, The Principles of Psychology [1855] ... Author: Herbert Spencer .... form links in the correspondence between internal and external changes. .... life will be—The continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations...


Above, the internal brain cell and its symbolic  death caused  by BULL-Stories approved by English departments.   The INTERNAL  symbolic bio-computer  death was transformed to EXTERNAL display format on Base 16 HEX date of April 16 via the data processing  mito.CHO.ndria messenger MR.CHO  ...thus we see a process of NATURE  ...with Nature's  biochemistry social engineering process control signals and feedback signals.



What are some more of NATURE's   Base 16 hexadecimal communications BRIDGE messages that are ignored  by the  cam.BRIDGE  network of universities.

LU --> Logical Unit  1st LU (LUMBER) maps to the 2nd phase of  LU evolultion (LUNG)

Fo  --->Base 16 Hex'Fo' =240 ...the 1st Fo = Forest   maps to the 2nd phase  of Fo --> Forehead.

Are you a UFO bio-computer  humanoid ?
UFO = Undefined  format  --->Undefined Forehead others words and empty brain...with minimal  symbolic math,  physics, and chemistry  content.





The C.P.Snow 1959 lecture "Two Cultures" described 2 different major types of existence on planet EARTH.


The modern world is considered a symbolic machine: words, concepts, equation, flowcharts, chemistry formula, etc. Other types of conceptual / ideology machines exist: the music machine, the political machine, the Hollywood machine, the religion/ theology/ philoshpy machine,etc.

In contrast we have solid machines: mechanical machines, electric motors, hydraulic power tools, machine tools, farm tractors, iron railroad trains, iron ships, petroleum refineries,etc


Let's look at the protocol of war ...and see how these areas interconnect.

-- Symbolic machines ...English lanaguge dictionbaries, college science textbooks,etc.

-- Solid machines with gravity weight and ..those with iron.....magnetic field interaction.


The Two Cultures of existence and the system rules.
If the symbolic and intangible languages have an unresolved intellectual conflict ...then NATURE maps the intellectual WAR to physical reality to become a more visible WAR .......the display of physical, violent conflict is really NATURE's method of creating more data messages for the serious, thoughtful, world gestalt research analyst.


Let's look at the  BOTANY   message data fields  and conflict signals.
How's does NATURE display such a conflict. It is not something obvious, like a professional boxing match broadcast on television.


Let's look at Nature's method ...the indirect method ...using the math theory of representation or the philosophy of agency.

Representation Theory in Mathematics and Physics - FIM - ETH Zürich
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Workshop / School. June 4 - 8, 2012. Modern representation theory interacts with many different domains of mathematics and theoretical physics. It provides ...

Algebras and Representation Theory - incl. option to publish open ... › HomeMathematicsAlgebraCached - Similar
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Algebras and Representation Theory features carefully refereed papers relating, in its broadest sense, to the structure and representation theory of algebras, ...

Agency (philosophy) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
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In philosophy and sociology, agency is the capacity of an agent (a person or other entity) to act in a world. In philosophy, the agency is considered as belonging ...
Let's look at year 1960  ...with West Germnay and East germnay.
We know, from reading Sherlock Holmes of  Baker Street   AND reading the Reader Digest Magazine message reports from the  human INTERNAL governemnt and its thoughts ....
that is ......BAKER Street  with bakery gooods like cookies, cakes, and bread      COMBINED with the
digestive system social science publication ...The Reader's Digest magazine ...
we can establish a new VIEW of  Nature, Earth government, Botany and  word affairs and political science.
Thus E.G.Marshall  ..Earth Goverment Marshall    reminds  us of the multi-facted nature of existence.... thus E.G  --> East Germany and West Germany in Europe in 1960.
Using the Baker Street detective tools  .....
West Germany.....words and their algebraic  subset ..
W.....Germ ..........the BOTANY  meaning of those symbols.....
Wheat Germ  with EAST .....Y.east Germany.
Thus Sherlock Holmes gives us food for thought .    
C.P.Snow 1959 lecture on "TWO Cultures"..... can be used to compare  Nature's  CELLULOSE decision tree structures   with  human CELL and their social science cultures.
This is possible..... from the gestalt VIEW .... that EARTH is a laboratory  for Nature's intellect.  Thus Nature's experiments  in BOTANY  with cellulose trees    OR experiments   with HUMANS ---> experiments in social  engineering and  brain engineering.


Thus we see pieces to a puuzle about Nature AND philosophy that we ought try to understand. 



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