The NBC --> Nitrogen Botany Cycle WAR of  December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary science school, Connecticut                       


The Botany social engineering  wars on Earth are well-known.  Newspapers print the Botany battle news reports, but  omit the explanations underlying those tragic EVENTS.


Let's look at signal for the 14th Dalai  Lama of Tibet, a theoretical representative for Nature who .... who at the advice of his  science and  university  advisors  declined Nature's  cellulose TREE BUD  job offer to a humanoid cell BUD.DHIST.


Let's look at a signal ......14th D --> 14th December,  2012 signal from the periodic atomic table  of elements and Nature's process control systems.


The 12 month ( December) --> carbon 12 atomic anthropology message   

Friday 14 --> Nitrogen atom and  NBC project  =  Nitrogen Botany Cycle.  

This periodic table information helps explain the Margaret  Mead atomic nuclear family tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.


Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting - Wikipedia, the free ...

As of November 30, 2012, Sandy Hook Elementary School had 456 children enrolled ... Some time before 9:30 a.m. EST onFridayDecember 142012. ..



The Sandy Hook and  Nitrogen Cycle message processing geography region on EARTH ---> Nature's system 370 communications  CONNECT failure in the state of Connect.icut.


Nitrogen cycle - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The nitrogen cycle is the process by which nitrogen is converted between its various chemical forms. This transformation can be carried out through both ...

The Nitrogen Cycle
An explanation of the different forms of nitrogen on earth,nitrogen fixation, decay, and nitrification.

Nitrogen Cycle
The main component of the nitrogen cycle starts with the element nitrogen in the air. Two nitrogen oxides are found in the air as a result of interactions with ...



Applications .......Nature's advanced education systems...........

the nitrogen cycle starts with the element nitrogen in the
 air --->  the Connecticut cycle satrts of Friday December 14 with the Sandy Hook elementary school element NITROGEN.





 Thus we see Nature's systems and the decomposition of the Sanfy Hook elementary school .......  an additional  component to be added into  the Darwinian evolution of  Nature's nitrogen cycle  SYSTEM gestalt models ....which now includes social science systems.  Grand Unified Theory and the Theory of Everything predicated this possibilty.


The Nitrogen Cycle of December 14,2012

The nitrogen cycle represents one of the most important nutrient cycles found in terrestrial ecosystems (Figure 9s-1). Nitrogen is used by living organisms to produce a number of complex organic molecules like amino acidsproteins, andnucleic acids. The store of nitrogen found in the atmosphere, where it exists as a gas (mainly N2), plays an important role for life. This store is about one million times larger than the total nitrogen contained in living organisms. Other major stores of nitrogen include organic matter in soil and the oceans. Despite its abundance in the atmosphere, nitrogen is often the most limiting nutrient for plant growth. This problem occurs because most plants can only take up nitrogen in two solid forms:ammonium ion (NH4) and the ion nitrate (NO3- ). Most plants obtain the nitrogen they need as inorganic nitrate from the soil solution. Ammonium is used less by plants for uptake because in large concentrations it is extremely toxic. Animals receive the required nitrogen they need for metabolism, growth, and reproduction by the consumption of living or dead organic matter containing molecules composed partially of nitrogen. 



Figure 9s-1: Nitrogen cycle.


 In most ecosystems nitrogen is primarily stored in living and dead organic matter. This organic nitrogen is converted into inorganic forms when it re-enters the biogeochemical cycle viadecompositionDecomposers, found in the upper soil layer, chemically modify the nitrogen found in organic matter fromammonia (NH3 ) to ammonium salts (NH4). This process is known as mineralization and it is carried out by a variety ofbacteriaactinomycetes, and fungi.


Thus we see the  ROLE/ position  of the Sandy Hook situation in Nature processes ..... the upper soil layer of Connecticut ..where humanoids build basement houses and schools.

Decomposers, found in the upper soil layer, 


Let's look at the history of Botany wars.

1) cellulose President Wood  and World War  1

2) The Botany rice shoots war  in Vietnam ..... the CHIN of Indo.China  and the MOUTH of the Mekong Delta RIVER  stream of consciousness.

Symbolism - Merriam-Webster Online

the art or practice of using symbols especially by investing things with a symbolic meaning or by expressing the invisible or intangible by means of visible or ....


Salinity, oxidative stress and antioxidant responses in shoot cultures ...
by MF Nor'aini - 1997 - Cited by 141 - Related articles
Experimental. Botany. Salinity, oxidative stress and antioxidant responses in shoot cultures of rice. Nor'aini M. Fadzilla1, Robert P. Finch2 and Roy H. Burdon1'3 ...





448 × 336 - Rice shootsare thriving well ! 

 3) Universe of Wisconsin Botany agent from Laos/Vietnam  --->  rice shoots in Rice Lake, Wisconsin


4) in the state of Connect ...that is marriage and social connections  .... represented by symbol/ proper nouns  ,,,, the state of Connecticut  .......we see  how Nature's anger is expressed  via  RICE SHOOTS at Sandy Hook  ....a message to the East Coast humanoid  rice crowd  and their rice rituals ---> 

Why is rice thrown at weddings?
The basis for the predominant theory as to why rice and other grains, such as wheat, have played a prominent role in marriage ceremonies for centuries, is that ...

Why Do People Throw Rice at Weddings? - Yahoo! Voices - voices ...
Oct 1, 2007 – Throwing rice at the bride and groom or in the air over them as they depart the wedding ceremony and set off on their new life has been a ...

Wedding - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Most wedding ceremonies involve an exchange of wedding vows by the ..... The red umbrella protects the bride from evil spirit, and the rice and beans are to .


 Thus we see Nature and its methods of expression. 

Perhaps, someday ...someone with  functional brain may wish to study this further.  You have some pieces to an interesting puzzle anbut Nature''s social engineering and social process control systems with feedback ERROR signals / messages.

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