The Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family. . . . .and the WORLD atomic social anthropology argument of Argonne National Labs.

The atomic social science secrets of Argentina and Peru reveal the intellectual battlefields of Northern Illinois.                       



The year 2012 status report on the intellectual war component of the world-wide SCIENCE WARS.
Here, we look at the periodic atomic table geography map of Northern Illinois USA. This geography region saw the WAVE mechanics shooting battle at Cole Hall, DeKalb Illinois ..... reflecting errors in the U.S.NAVY intellectual perceptions of the world.


The geography region contains several intellectual centers: universities, Argonne National Labs, and FermiLAB.   The FCC television, radio, and cell phone attacks on the BRAIN CELLS working at these institutions has succeeded in manipulating their objectivity ...regarding the Margaret Mead nuclear family....that is atomic social sciences and atomic social anthropology conflicts.



    an oral disagreement; verbal opposition; contention; altercation: a violent argument. 2. a discussion involving differing points of view; debate: They were deeply ...

    an oral disagreement; verbal opposition; contention ...

    /ˈkaʊntərˌɑrgyəmənt/ Show Spelled[koun-ter-ahr-gyuh ...

    Argumentation definition at, a free online ...

    Argumentum definition at, a free online ...



    /ˈɑrgyu/ Show Spelled [ahr-gyoo] Show IPA verb, ar·gued, ar·gu·ing. verb (used without object). 1. to present reasons for or against a thing: He argued in favor ...

    The arguments of World War 1 and World War 2.

      The Meuse-Argonne Offensive, or Maas-Argonne Offensive, also called the Battle of the Argonne Forest, was a part of the final Allied offensive of World War I ...
      1. HOW DID THE BATTLE OF THE ARGONNE FOREST CONTRIBUTE TO THE ALLIED VICTORY › ... › History › War and Military History › World War 1Cached
        The battle of the Argonne Forest, also known as the Meuss-Argonne offensive, was the last major campaign of World War I, from September 26 to November 11, ...





    The Meuse-Argonne Campaign


    Though labeled a "forest", the Argonne could probably be more appropriately called a "jungle". Stretching from the Belgian frontier to Verdun, it comprises a region of northern France about 44 miles long and with an average width of 10 miles. Elevations average over 1,000 feet, but this average is difficult to compute because the area is ruggedly laid out in a series of deep valleys and sheer cliffs that rise to become high mountains. The entire region is heavily forested over a blanket of dense brush.

    1. World War 2

      The Second World War began in 1939 and ended in 1945 and engaged most of Europe and Asia into combat between the Allies and the Axis powers.

    During World War II some 16 million Americans served, suffering more than 1 million ... This line of defense was further extended by the dense Argonne Forest that ...


Let's review the argument in year 2012.   Basic college textbooks in physics, math, and 
bio-chemistry enable us to better understand the deeper levels of the war expression ..... as a expression of  atomic social anthropology anger  FROM the primordial level of the atomic/ astr0physics continuum which encompasses all of existence.  We...atomic, biophysics humans  are subsets embedded within  Nature's  vast multi-faceted continuum of existence...which in year 2012 can be partitioned into information spaces and data sets for better analysis.  The anger of Nature  is over the  mathematical-physics anthropology
problems  of society  AND the periodic atomic table problems of the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear family.

That anger can be ...and is expressed VIA LARGER  sized  COMPOSITE PARTICLE STRUCTURES named humanoid. 


  • Using Grand Unified Theory concepts ...we see gestalt conflicts about  the big picture of existence, life , and atomic social life with atomic social economics, and atomic political sciences.

    The geography continent of EUROPE = E + u (set theory union) + rope theory.
    In other words ..the year 1956   IRON atomic mass 56 ... iron rope theory  uprising with the HUNG array people in linear algebra/matrices geography space of Hungary in 1956.

    The math linear algebra battles of mat.RICE.s were repeated in the RICE paddies of Vietnam in 1970 under mathematics WAR commander-in-chief President N X N (NiXoN ) of N x N square matrices.

    In NORTH America, we have string theory .......string me along with some inaccurate, incomplete explanations of how atomic social science EVENTS happen.

    1) The Base 16 hexadecimal battle of April 16 at Virginia TECH

    2) The wave mechanics  battle in oceanography class at Northern Illinois
    University, DeKalb, Ill.

    3) The 18 COL = Columns of the periodic atomic TABLE families sent a message to the ALIEN brain human families in the atomic anthropology message processing region on the geography surface of EARTH...

    Message format:
    FROM: COL = Columns of the atomic table families
    TO: COL = geography state of  COLORADO and their STATE of MIND ...
    ........COL = Columbine High School shooting EVENT and the brainless  incomplete explanation given by COLORADO universities and corporations ...who  completely ignored NATURE's atomic/astrophysics
    continuum SIGNALING  EVENT
    ignored  the  photon/electromagnetic optical nerve war with COLOR television and COLOR movies and COLOR graphics in printed magazines and COLOR used on the  INTERNET.

    Nature holds the STATE of COLORADO responsible for approving the continued  attacks by the FCC and Hollywood and others...upon the eye/ retina/ iris  and the  bio-optical color process in the bio-computer brain.   Thus the STATE of MIND ..of COLOR and COLORADO  ...and the shooting at Aurora,  Colorado movie house caused  by the Carl Jung collective unconsciousness  GROUP  MIND of Colorado citizens and their 
    arrogant intellectual snob policies.

    Attention please: You breath oxygen atomic mass 16 into your Base 16 data processing LU = Logical Unit = LUNG ...AND Nature expects some serious logical answers in year 2012.




    a. A discussion in which disagreement is expressed; a debate. b. A quarrel; a dispute. c. Archaic A reason or matter for dispute or contention: "sheath'd their ...


    Location of Forest of Argonne in north-eastern France
    Forest of         Argonne. From Wikipedia,



Who won the battle of Argonne Fore --> Foreheads of science and math professors at University of Chicago and Argonne Labs?

Forest of Argonne

Location of Forest of Argonne in the 
north-eastern Franchise store region of North-eastern Illinois 

The Forest of Argonne is a long strip of rocky mountain and wild woodland in north-eastern Illinois and the Kettle Moraine geography region  


Argonne National Laboratory
Non-profit research laboratory operated by the University of Chicago for the Department of Energy (DOE). Includes history, news, contacts, internship program ...
2 Google reviews
9700 South Cass Avenue  Lemont, IL 60439



 Thus we see super-symmetry physics of EVENTS and geo-physics  ...... and the  math concept mapping from one region (Europe ...  Argonne)  to the (United States Argonne).

If Nature is still angry;  if Nature is unsatisfied with the BALONEY stories given about  reality and tragic events....... then the argument continues ..... in recent times ..... it is more at an intellectual level inside the subliminal mind  or  their  Carl Jung  atomic bio-physics collective  unconscious of  the GROUP ...the GROUP of  people and the GROUP MIND of Northeastern  Illinois....Chicago and the  RD test city   of  the DR. Robley D.Evans textbook "The Atomic Nucleus"  .....  applied to Evanston,  Illinois and Northwestern University. 



  • The conflict continues. Let's look at empirical data signals and events that  are related to the ARGONNE argument ...which includes FermiLAB and  all the universities in the geography regions.

    Keep in mind...that the argument is about atomic social science policies and  atomic bio-physics family policies. The Department of Energy  and the Office of Science refuse to acknowledge the existence and formats  of modern Margaret Mead expression.

    Signals that may pertain to the conflict ...the Hierarchy Problem of  spokeperson for the periodic atomic table families in domestic and  international social science issues.

    ---> The 1982 conflict between Britian, Argentina and the Falkland  Islands.

    Super- symmetry physics and the 11-dimensions of string theory

    --> in one dimension OR level of existence... ......the Earth  physical geography surface AND the physical military battle at the  Falkland Island...the the various reasons given.

    --> in the other dimensions of existence.....we inquire into the  atomic/astrophysics information continuum and the atomic /astrophysics  communications continuum for CLUES to the puzzle ...\
    of the 
    super-symmetry mapping of the PRIMARY dimension EVENT (the
    Falkland War of 1982)
    other dimensions of concepts,  symbolic life, and the philosophy of agency...OR math representation
    theory applications. Herbert Spencer in year 1872 laid  the intellectual foundation of math mapping/ correspondence between  different Levels /perceptions of REALITY.

    by H Spencer - 1910
    Spencer, Herbert ,
    (1910). ... A correspondence between the internal order and the external order,
    implies that ... In what, then, can the correspondence consist?

    --- Margret Mead concepts represented by Prime Minister   Margaret Thatcher , a chemistry background
    ---  External geography Argentina South America --> represents
     External geography map of  ARGONNE  and various INTERNAL geography maps the various dimension and levels of existence...which includes symbloic  levels. The major INTERBAL levels might be
    a)  inside the huamn brain 
    b)  the geology Earth  INTERNAL iron core  thoughts of 26 iron protons and its  26 atomic English alphabet letters  .....and their perception of activities on the geography surface of Earth.
    c) the atom INTERNALs ..the nucleus might have some  perceptions using geography maps 

    --> PERU --> PER + Uranium with  atomic, biophysics structure  with  a probability label of Pier Oddone

    ---> argentina PERON party --> Per + RON + Part --> Periodic atomic table  elect.TON particles  ...thus the  atomic INTERNAL electron dance inside the  Margaret Mead atomic  nuclear family
     is  AMPLIFIED /enlarged by NATURE  to EXTERNAL  display  format  using humanoids in ARGENTINA ....... the DEMO of atomic social sciences and atomic social economics with the PERON Particles.

    Einstein's theory of relative  sizes and viewing positions  allows this   understanding technique to be used.

    --> an example of the Argentina electron dance  and electron actress ...and atomic  social economic experiments of the period atomic table government  is  the atomic bio-physics expression: EVITA PERON and her electron  energy levels  known to  the Department   of  Energy  human  atomic  biochemistry ACTORS.



    352 × 449 - ... confirm that Evita Perón has transcended both time and myth.




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    550 × 413 - ... strong spirit and leadership –Eva PeronEvita on her balcony

    Thus we see  below,  why adult males in Argentina got  excited  by her electron energy level displays.
    The same  bio-physics social electron  proccess seems to have  captivated the brains of  professorial males at Argonne, FermiLAB ,  UC and the Department of  Energy  ...they are not capable to thinking about Margaret Mead atomic social anthropology systems. 

    Energy level diagrams are a means of analyzing the energies electrons can accept and release as they transition from one  accepted orbital to another. These energies differences correspond to the wavelengths of light in the  discreet spectral lines emitted by an atom as it goes through de-excitation or by the wavelengths absorbed in an  absorption spectrum. Using the Bohr Model, the energy levels (in electron volts, eV) are calculated with the formula: En = -13.6 (Z2/n2) eV where Z is the atomic number and n is the energy level. The ground state is represented by n = 1, first excited state by n = 2, second excited state by n = 3, etc.

    Using Bohr's formula, a hypothetical, doubly-ionized atom with Z = 3 could have the following energy level diagram.  Notice how each energy level closer and closer to the nucleus is more and more negative.

    Thus we see Ev messenger  --->Evita  ...... in her marriage  ... did  atomic research with  the MALE and his atom brain with its  male BRAIN   electron levels and  male BRAIN optical  thought  levels .

    Thus given the pioneering bedroom RD done in
    Argentina ....... a  the  SOUTH AMERICA super-symmetry  .... . . . to NORTH AMERICA Argonne  National Labs.  We now understand  in year  2102  ....  the excited states of a physics or engineering males researchers   upon getting  married  . .. .. . .. the the various existed states of his MIND electrons in a social  science setting.   

    In addition we have the other Argentina  situation  with Stanford University  ... who deny existence of EVENTS upon the surface of EARTH.
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    Thus we see  ...from  the Theory of Everything  and Grand Unifies Theory....some GRAND and vast symbolic and mathematical  architectures   in the WORLD....expressions of Nature's  vast intellect. ..... a reminder that we are subsets living  on the  geography surface of within a larger context. 



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