C..P.Snow was a bio-computer agent for Nature.  Bio-computer humans have existed in Northern Europe for over 500 years......with the  geography RD reference location known as the BAL region of the BALTIC.

C.P.Snow explains bio-computer social schemes.

The BAL concept instruction "chasm'  and Base 2 binary are the foundation of the "Two Cultures' lecture.




C. P. Snow - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Charles Percy Snow, Baron Snow of the City of Leicester CBE (15 October 1905 – 1 July 1980) was an English chemist and novelist who also served in several ...


C.P. Snow (British scientist and writer) -- Britannica Online ...

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British novelist, scientist, and government administrator. Snow was graduated from Leicester University and earned a doctorate in physics at the University of
Charles Percy Snow, Baron Snow of the City of Leicester CBE was an English chemist and novelist who also served in several important positions in the British Civil Service and briefly in the UK government. a

C. P. Snow

C. P. S = Computer Processing Systems

The talk was delivered 7 May 1959 in the Senate House, Cambridge, and subsequently published as The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution. The lecture and book expanded upon an article by Snow published in the New Statesman of 6 October 1956, also entitled The Two Cultures. Published in book form, Snow's lecture was widely read and discussed on both sides of the Atlantic, leading him to write a 1963 follow-up, The Two Cultures: And a Second Look: An Expanded Version of The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution.[3]
1963 follow-up
1963 follow-up
1963 follow-up
1963 follow-up ---> President Kennedy DP = Data Processing assassination in DP region of  DP= Dallas Public.  Kennedy from Computer Earth system 370 geo-computer  Base 16  address space of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Wahington,DC.
Assassination by  bio-computer OS/JCL orders approved  OSLO, Norway of the BAL geography region of rope/ string theory  EuROPE. The bio-computer assassination project involved the brain programming of an appropriate humanoid with proper noun:   OSWALD.
In year 2102, hundreds of thousands of systems analysts and computer programmers deny the existence of IBM OS/JCL.    University computer science departments NEVER heard of base 16 hexadecimal.
Even IBM and Computer World Magazine have no awareness about such  bio-computer matters.....as they  breath oxygen atomic computer  Base 16 into their  LU = Logical Unit = LUNGS.
The LORD  told computer systems engineers to "KNOW THYSELF". 
Let's consider Nature's intellect and its computer science projects that have existed for thousands of years.  An intial version of BAL was the  bio-computer human program and its behavior and thoughts
........known to  historians  at IBM,  computer science industry, and government data processing systems as:

Hannibal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Han.. bal - Wi 
Hand bal - Wisconsin ...the modern agent 

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Often regarded as one of the greatest military strategists in European history, Hannibal would later be considered one of the greatest generals of antiquity, ...







500 × 274 - Hannibal is well known as the greatest general and military ...

Hannibal — History.com Articles, Facts

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BAL, one of the most famous generals in history, led the forces of Carthage against those of the Roman Empire during the Second Punic War.

IBM BAL = Basic assembly language - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Basic Assembly Language (BAL) is a low-level language used on IBM mainframes from the earliest 360 series, through systems 370, 390, and System z, as well ...
A note on the name - General characteristics - Assembler Statement Format
General characteristics
General characteristics
General  BAL
General  Hanni.BAL
General  Hand ni BAL characteristics
General  Hand nitrogeous BASE registers DNA BAL processing intellectual  characteristics
Let's look one of   Nature's bio-computer messengers:
Below,  we see  the gentlemen from Northern Europe ....
comprised of Computer Earth  and 2 special  geography regions.
IS --> Information systems --> ISLAND of England
BAL --> basic Assembler Langauge TIME clock ..TICK / TOCK =  BALTIC regions
In year 2012...we see the complete failure of European  intellectual system.
Ox --> Oxygen atom base 16 is NOT acknowledged  with respect by Ox = Oxford University
Base 16 Hex" Fa" = 250 .........the Falklands  Islands  computer science WAR
the list goes on ...as year  2012  universities LIE and DECIEVE the British military with incorrect analysis of information.    British soldiers DIE  ....... so the British public and Bristish universities can
be amused    and   tell arrogant bull-stories to each other and print  more BULL in newspapers.






Picture of C. P. Snow On 7th May 1959, the

Below ....... Hannibal







550 × 398 - Hannibal was a witty Carthaginian general, which means his

Below,  year 1959 / 1960  ...a  human version of Hannibal







228 × 300 - In 1960 the English scientist, statesman

What are the BAL Features of C.P.SNOW?
head/ skull BALD --> BAL version D
Forehead  --> Fo --> Base 16 Hex'Fo' = 240
optics EYE eyeBALL --> optical BALL = Basic Assembler Language & Literature
NOSE --> N + OS + e == Numeric OS electrons --> the  Base 16 electrons of Oxygen molecule
CHIN = CH + In = Compare Halfword instruction










Above we see instruction code 49 ---> and his 10 Hand BAL fingers wrote the lecture in 59 --> Year 1959 for his CHIN DEMO of  audio wave  ver.BAL  = Basic Assembler Languages in sound/ musics/ etc. 


The C.P. Snow  CHIN  message was repeated in a different format  by Nature's  female bio-computer agent --> Monica Lewinsky and her CHIN bio-computer pleasure processor ....... using that advanced expression of  esoteric computer science with President CLI (Clinton) = Compare Local Immediate BAL instruction.

The   important IBM  secret secretions  experiment in Nature's  ancient  Base 16 technology being done at  geo-computer   LAND address  at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue  within  the BAL geography computer prorgammed BAL city (BALTIMORE) ....and south of  the BALTIMORE earth computer program  is the  LINE of CODE ......Wahington, DC = Define Constant.

LAND at ...such and such location ..

LAND at --> LAN Data = Local Area Network Data  ...of earth soil / ground/ surface geography of Planet EARTH with Nature's intellect  .on Base 16 Hex space and Base 16 Hex time. 


Thus we see the WORD: Chasm --> implies some split ...into TWO Cultures.


The BAL concept CHASM = CH Instruction from Nature's ASM  = Assembler.

Thus the C.P.Snow  CHIN lecture to the audience  ..........who could care less about the details and depth of the lecture.  In 1959, it may have been difficult for anyone, including myself to see / understand the bigger picture.  Thus the 1959 sudience is forgiven  ......becase 1959 was a different time with less knowldge available. In 1959  biochmemistry , computer science, electronics,  etc  were either new areas of thought OR  old areas entering new phases of thought and applications.


Year 2012 ...does  not forgive  citizens,  universities, corporations, governments, and trust foundations  for intellectual   ERRORS and   Bull-stories about REALITY events.


Thus the C.P.Snow  tragedy  of

..........................Snow = S + now --> Systems with snow country of Now = Norway, the Baltic, and OS/JCL with OSLO bio-computer programming ERRORS  of society.


Thus the C.P Violations of bio-physics resulted in  Child/  Parent tragedy of Utoeya IS = Information Systems = IS =  ISLAND.    Norway and Europe are proud of their MURDER system  and blaming others ...who were pre-programmed  to act as they did  ......like Anders B.


OSLO and Europe nonsense citizens approve  of the OSWALD  brain computer suntroutine program used by Lee Harvey Oswald to kill   the 1600 Pennsylvanua Avenue ...White House resident  ..President Kennedy.   Then the  OSWALD brain bio-computer  behavior program  was used by anther OSWALD to kill Waukesha Police Captian LU = Logical Unit = LUNG of Lutz.


Where do the   LUNG   instructions receive approval?

LUNG = LU + NG = Logival Unit Norwegian Government  and their European friends in  understanding social systems REALITY .....which in C.P.SNOW    ......
TWO Cultures   --->    Bedroom reality and restuarant  Reality   are the intellectual  philosophy  goals of advanced civilizations in Europe. 



Thus C.P.Snow  .........like Russell and Whithead, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley, Lewis Carroll, Herbert Spencer, and other....talk about the TALE of 2 Cities  .....or different types and formats of existence.

Yet, citizens anf governments ignored their advice and warnings ,,,,,thus the current shooting tragedies at  universities and at UTOEYA.


C.P.Snow ..........C.P. --> Child Parent data records of the IMS bio-computer database used by Europe to control families ......and the help with  falsehoods...
......................lies.    Thus a community of
families  ...according to Nature and language  ......is a  considered a community of

........lies....... some lies, many inaccurate, incomple explantions of things; BUT,  very accurate and good about daily activities....repairing an automobile, managing a grocery store, driving a semi-truck, wotking in a factory,etc.  Those are considered LOCAL activities or views or LOCAL comphrension of what is about us on a daily basis  ..
LOCAL awareness.


GLOBAL awareness is  a different VIEW  ...looking at systems and concepts and how they  relate to each other and with NATURE's project plans. 




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