Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell in year 1910 published "Principia Mathematica" to * 56.
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May 21, 1996 – Principia Mathematica, the landmark work in formal logic written by Alfred North Whitehead and Bertrand Russell, was first published in three ...

The Earth goverment and the North Pole / Arctic Circle via EPIC image agents: SNOW and Whitehead control subset human governments, Chicago, and FermiLAB.
How the secret world works!



Principia mathematica: Alfred North Whitehead,Bertrand Russell ... › BooksHistoryWorld
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Could it be true that Whitehead and Russell's Principia Mathematica is the most influential book written in the 20th century? Ask any mathematician or ...




Messages waiting for many years --> to * 56..

1) messages for University of Chicago ..... 56th Street

2) message for atomic mass 56 research center near Illinois Route 56 ..that is Batavia, Illinois.

Is the existence of iron metal / ferrous oxide atoms acknowledged by the Fer --> FermiLAB RD site?

Is Whiteahead & Russell message *56 acknowledged?

Apparently the universities are to busy with parties, music, and English classes in creative writing ...that priority REALITY messages are ignored. Why ought University of Chicago, the University of Illinois or Northwestern CARE about anything ..... they are supreme ...according to the Hierarchcy Problem of atomic, bio-physics humanoids.
Thus....they tell the WORLD things work.

That is ..... they have a uni-directional concept of existence CENTERED around themselves and their GROUP MIND.

Thus we see the signals of EARTH systems to the iron Hemoglobin protein structures in the Northern Illinois geography region ...which includes the Chicago, DeKalb, Batavia, Evanston. etc.

What is the atomic geo-physics NATURE of the geography region.
Let's propose a theory.

1) that many of the atomic and molecular concepts used in chemistry and physics Reaseach Labs AND atomic and math concepts taught in college chemistry and physics classes apply to EARTH LAB.


2) Let's assume that geography / geology EARTH is composed of atoms, solids,   and
mathematical-physics symbols and concepts the context of COMPUTER EARTH system 370 base 16 hexadecimal with Einstein's data processing DATA FIELD theory of Base  16  geo-computer land address of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.


Does IBM exist?

Does Base 16 exist?
Do you breath  the oxygen atomic mass  computer 16 into your LUNGS.
Did a Base 16 HEX TIME WAR occur on  April 16 at Virginia TECH.

Was President Kennedy killed in DP region Dallas Public   ,,,by bio-computer OS/JCL agent OSWALD who was killed  by a bio-computer VTAM RU agent Ruby --> that is Jack Ruby on behalf of the =  Request Unit byte.








Let's look at the Chicago region and its science identifiers?

Let's use supersymmetry geo-physics parallels to NATURE's Earth systems as an analysis tool.




The North Pole
The northernmost point on the earth's surface is called the North Pole. Also known as the Geographic North Pole, or Terrestrial North Pole, it is diametrically opposite the South Pole.


arctic ocean north pole.PNG?135084456937


North Pole Arctic Map - Arctic Tundra, Arctic Circle ... - World Atlas

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for North Pole and Arctic facts as well as quality maps of the Arctic Ocean, Tundra, and Arctic Circle. Free maps and geography resources.........
I lived in Chicago around 1980. Now, looking back ..I think of North Avenue, Milwaukee Avenue, And Damen Avenue Nature's message processing region with ROAD MAPs, buildings, and other names ro help me understand the BIGGER PICTURE .........that we are subsets living in Nature's vast systems.
Milwaukee Avenue --> year 1980 ...a major Polish Community ....

North Avenue + human Poles --> signal about the NORTH POLE  magnetic field interaction with the human POLE Internal biology .....iron Hemoglobin protein ships inside the blood vessels .......thus the signal from Nature from Europe to the CHICAGO Poles.---> the EXTERNAL iron shipyards of SOLID
bio-physics and the Solidarity movement is related to the INTERNAL Polish biology and the symbolic thought life of the iron HEME group Fe(ii) ion.
The Poles were sent a television message via DEEP SPACE NINE ...the Ferengi, Odo, and the SOLIDS.
Chicgao Polish people apparently never watch teleision OR think about what they watch.
Attention please in year 2102.

Damen Avenue --> DA + men --> Differential Amplifier mental ...brain electron circuit errors

Flat IRON Building --> Interaction with North Avenue location/ coordinates  and the North Pole magnetic DATA field and the IRON relationship with the magnetic field.    The magnetic field WAR was the 2 Iron Towers magnetic field battle of Sep11, 2001
bio-programmed huamnoid proteins. Protein has the subset word ROTE .. ......thus ROTE programming of p.ROTE.ins resulted in the behavior of the hijackers.
Ask FermiLAB,  Harvard biochemistry,  MIT human MITochondria university , Virginia TECH April 16 hexadecimanl bio-computer war specialists, the FFC attack on DNA FFC, and the Department of Education about their intellectual arrogance......... AND the incomplete, biased explanations of several tragic human events.
Busy Bee restuarant --> Busy --. Bus Y --> data bus y 2k data stream errors.
In addition we have mappings between geo-math regions:
Arctic Circle --> Chicago Cirlce campus
Arctic Circle --> subset word Art + Arc Art Institute of Chicago

Joan of Arc | The Art Institute of Chicago
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About This Artwork. Joan of Arc. · Share this artwork ... Cast by: Ferdinand Barbedienne French, 1810-1892. Joan of Arc,

Aaron Bohrod
American, 1907-1992

Joan of Arc in Montebourg, 1944

Oil on canvas
62.2 x 81.3 cm (24 1/2 x 32 in.)


American Art
Not on Display Not on Display Not on Display Not on Display Not on Display

Not on Display

Not on Display



Joan of ARC bio-mathematics warrior and bio-social engineering

Inverse trigonometric functions - An approach to calculus
INVERSE TRIGONOMETRIC FUNCTIONS. The derivative of y = arcsin x. The derivative of y = arccos x. The derivative of y = arctan x. The derivative of y = arccot ...


In Topic ....... Trigonometry, we introduced the inverse trigonometric functions.
According to the inverse relations:

y = arcsin x implies sin y = x.

And similarly for each of the inverse trigonometric functions.

Thus JOAN of Arc was a warrior in the mathematical-physics battles of her day ...between the

INVERSE universe on EARTH and the REGULAR Universe on EARTH. The Universities are very confused about these simple issues ......such as 2 different types of existence on EARTH..

Universities ignore such messages:


- Galileo and 2 Chief World Systems

- Dickens and the Tale of 2 Cities

- C.P.Snow and year 1959 TWO Cultures
- J.R.R. Tolklein symbolic book "Two Towers"
- Sept 11, 2001 physical iron "Two Towers"


It's sad ...that advanced education is so arrogant ......they ignore Nature and empirical DATA reports AND live in their Hollywood dream world of supreme knowledge about everthing ....... yet, will NOT help others ...who wish to provide some partial answers some basic questions.


Chicago Circle Campus and the Art Institute ignore signals that may have possible significance.

Chicago lives in a sheltered world ..... Fer= Ferrous oxide atoms are considered inferior to the superior entities at the University of Chicago and FermiLAB that cover-up the SCIENCE WAR student casulaties at schools,



Chicago Atomic ...streets and avenues
.......................Michigan Avenue in Chicago


Chicago ... Lord & Taylor math retail store



chicago lord and taylor map.PNG
chicago lord and taylor map.PNG?13508517



Lord & Taylor

(312) 787-7400

845 N Michigan Ave, Chicago, IL |



Directions fro math students on math social science LIES and TRICKS

Taylor Series -- from Wolfram MathWorld › ... › SeriesSeries Expansions
Taylor's theorem (actually discovered first by Gregory) states that any function satisfying certain conditions can be expressed as a Taylor series. The Taylor (or ...

Taylor Series - SOS Math
Before you start this module, you must know how to find the Taylor polynomials of a given function. You should also be familiar with the geometric series, the ...



The Taylor series of a real or complex-valued function ƒ(x) that is infinitely differentiable in a neighborhood of a real or complex number a is the power series

f(a)+\frac {f'(a)}{1!} (x-a)+ \frac{f''(a)}{2!} (x-a)^2+\frac{f^{(3)}(a)}{3!}(x-a)^3+ \cdots.

To buy and sell math grauduate student brains ..go to the  wholesale BRAIN  department for Taylor series and Taylor polynomials at the University.

The bio-economics BRAIN  math manipulation  transactions take place in the Carl Jung  atomic / math level of the collective unconsciouness .....the collective unconscious MIND GROUP composed of math, physics, chemistry, and engineering  students.
They are not told the secrets of modern society  AND  the secret LEVELS of thought..


Knots in Chicago - Similar
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E-mail: Web page: ... is located at 851 South Morgan Street near the corner of Morgan and Taylor Streets

Department of Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science
University of Illinois at Chicago
322 Science and Engineering Offices (M/C 249)
851 S. Morgan Street
Chicago, IL 60607-7045





In addition, Lake Michigan wave mechanics .....with

Lake = La + ke = Load Address Key ATOMIC
Lake Atomic
................michigan  ...with Lake Michigan and Navy Pier EARTH  messages --> Pier Oddone .

Thus we see the EARTH and the WHITE SNOW and ice of the  geography region ....the North Pole and the Arctic  Circle ...with human agents / spokepersons ....

Geography .....North White Snow --> Alfred NORTH Whitehead and C.P.SNOW.


The University of Cambridge England  and Oxford Univesitry  deny this is possible   ...that Nature could not possibly do this ....because NATURE has  inferior knowledeg abilities compared to
their mates (wives/ girfriends / spouses / boyfriends,etc)  .   

Thus denials.....a complete denial of  Darwin  and the power of symbolic evolution with proper nouns. 


Serious people  ought start doing some serious homewqork about the  math SCIENCE WARS and the magnetic field wars.  Great Britain and its military .....saddly believe the false information and  biased models of world affairs  ..... given to them by institutions they respect .....a breech of trust and honor by such educational institutions...who will NOT try of clarify the situation.


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