The C.P.Snow 1959 lecture "Two Cultures" described 2 different major types of existence on planet EARTH. The modern world is considered a symbolic machine: words, concepts, equation, flowcharts, chemistry formula, etc. Other types of conceptual machines exist: the music machine, the political machine, the Hollywood machine, the religion/ theology/ philoshpy machine,etc.

In contrast we solid mechanical machines, electric motors, hydraulic power, etc ......used by civilization and industry: machine tools, farm tractors, iron railroads, iron ships, petroleum refineries,etc


Let's look at the protocol of war ...and see how these areas interconnect.

The Two Cultures of existence and the system rules.
If the symbolic and intangible languages have an unresolved intellectual conflict ...then NATURE maps the intellectual WAR to physical reality to become a more visible WAR .......the display of physical, violent conflict is really NATURE's method of creating more data messages for the serious, thoughtful, world gestalt research  analyst.                      



Let's look at some wars .......physical wars and how they provide data and insight to the symbolic wars in the world. The atomic/ astrophysics continuum on EARTH helps explain the situation.
The continiuum is comprised of 2 major parts.

1) physical reality such as atoms and their expressions ..such as physical solid objects. Physical reality has existed for billions of years ...and atomic bio-physics trees and dinosaurs existed millions of year ago. The physical relaity existed ...but optical symbols for the eye and music instruments for the ear ...did  not exist we known it today.


2) the evolution of symbols and writing began a few thousand years ago ...eye/ retina / optical nerve symbolic computing. Thus the begining of the EYE people.

As a parallel evolution ....the EAR people with music and instruments and the Mouth people with TALK continued their various projects.

However, recently the eye/ optical nerve/ and symbolic life of words and equation ...has finally succeeded getting on par with the EAR / Mouth people.



Let's look at some conflicts involving 2 sides..Two Cultures.

1939 --> 19 electrons and POTASSIUM atomic mass 39 ..start of the atomic anthrology war.
................later year 1958 .....TASS news agency in Russia with Premier K.

1940 -1945 --> World War 2 --- base 2 binary systems war over new technology

1944 --> D-DAY --> subset symbols 4 D --> the 4 DNA nucleotide battles as symbolized by the water tides of the English Channel.


1940- 1945 ---> The French resistance with EARTH geology/ geography electron systems.
keywords of electricity:
resistance --> French resistance
copper --> the English book David Copper.field also a science book

Voltage --> Voltaire French history

patent laws --> General Patton and the phonetic  sound equivalent to inventions/ patents.

MOS --> metal oxide semiconductor PARALLEL bio-electronics city of MOS.COW



1950 North Korean and South Korea ...symbol K = Potassium ..the molcular cell biology wars of the INTERNAL human metabolism systems ( difficult to see the internal biolgy war) ..hence, NATURE transformed the internal conflict to an EXTERNAL conflict on the geography surface of EARTH ...Nature's demo for all researchers to view and explain. Accurate explanations are still waiting in year 2012.


1950..1952 Koean war .

Alphabet symbols for newspaper editors and reporters ..
INK --> spells the battle of INCHON, North Korea

Black Ink ...symbolized by the BLACK cotton clothing uniforms of Chinese people ...whose military support was involved in the INCHON Battle.


1950- 952 ....INCHon ---> Inch ..Foot ...Yard ,,,,theory of weights and measures and t Nature's battle with human group violations of the balance laws of Nature. The BATTLE of WEIGHTs and Measures continued with Vietnam







johnson and gulf of tonkin.gif

400 × 319 - LBJ signing the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution. Map of Vietnam


a) President LBJ --> LB = Pounds of Justice ....
and also involved the poetry of EZRA POUND and the attacks upon his thoughts and message.


His.....POUND message was ignored and arrogant people said he was sick.   No, his subliminal MIND sensed a problem and he expressed the problem as best he could ....with the partial information that he could figure out.


Thus the battle of TON.....weights 2000 POUNDS of EZRA or 2240 POUNDS of EZRA







203 × 317 - Map: Gulf of Tonkin and Ho Chi Minh


Gulf of Tonkin Incident: 1964
Gulf of Tonkin Incident: 1964
Gulf of Tonkin Incident: 1964 +  36 LBJ  =  year 2000 Pounds....TON of Justice 
Gulf of Tonkin Incident: 1964 +276 LBJ  =  Long Ton = 2240 pounds
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Dec 17, 1999 – The Gulf of Tonkin is a body of water that lies on the East Coast of North Vietnam and the West Coast of the island Hainan. This was the waters ...


Gulf of Tonkin Resolution (United States [1964]) -- Britannica Online ... - Similar
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resolution put before the U.S. Congress by President Lyndon Johnson on Aug. 5, 1964, assertedly in reaction to two allegedly unprovoked attacks by North ...


FAQ: What is the difference between the long ton, short ton, and ...

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The British ton is the long ton, which is 2240 pounds, and the U.S. ton is the short ton which is 2000 pounds. Both tons are actually defined in the same way.



Long ton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
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One long ton is equal to 2,240 pounds (1,016 kg), 1.12 times as much as a short ton, or 35 cubic feet (0.9911 m3) of salt water with a density of 64 lb/ft3 (1.025 ...


The  university, corporation, and citizen / government oceanography  TESTS, weigths and measures test, and awareness  TEST of  basic  concepts ....... gravity / mass and weight . 


Long ton  ---> symbol  L  as in Lyndon  from the TEXAS educational system
salt water with a density of 64 lb/ft3  -----> year 19 64  ...... TEST for Ross Perot and all the retired NAVAL personnel in TEXAS and the United States  ...that includes:


Geography States of   soil / land  on geology EARTH in NOrth America region.
States of MIND

Markov probability transition states

Linear control system STATES

Em = EM.otional  states of feelings about out  bio-Electro.Magnetic field life
Quantum states ...such as the Quark model = Qua + Arkansas .....physics President Clinton



Thus we see the sequence of consistent  message  ERRORS


-> EZRA POUND and the weight  of BIASED, arrogant  thoughts that attacked his thoughts 


--> LBJ + TONKIN ---> LB  (pounds abbreviated) + TON


--> Timothy McVeigh(t) --> V8 --> Weight vectors with 8 data bits  ..of the geology/ gravity computer system that we LIVE within.   Humans live on EARTH ....that is EARTH LAB   ...and we are subets embedded in a gravity thought DATA FIELD  and a magnetic thought DATA FIELD  ......both  interact  with the thoughts in our brain.  Has your brain passed the symbolic content qulaity control test of Nature.? 

--> President Clinton = Cli  + n + ton









665 × 722 - Brass Scales of Justice on a desk showing Depth-


 Thus Nature  is trying to communicate with the superior citizen THINKERS of the United States. Citizens and their  elite  and arrogant attitude problems ........  create many knowledge errors...errors  caused by citizen failure to study  basic math and science text.


The Two Cultures

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The Two Cultures is the title of an influential 1959 Rede Lecture by British scientist and novelist C. P. Snow.[1][2] Its thesis was that "the intellectual life of the whole of western society" was split into the titular two cultures — namely the sciences and the humanities — and that this was a major hindrance to solving the world's problems.



Lady Justice - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia - Similar
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Jump to Blindfold‎: Since the 15th century, Lady Justice has often been depicted wearing a blindfold. The blindfold represents objectivity, in that justice is ...
books .....say at a college freshman level.






640 × 1104 - Remember the blindfolded lady of justice?


Thus far ...examples of the TWO Culture involve humans, geography countries, gravity,etc. 


1) World  War 2 ....... the battle over  the ENGLISH language WORD of HONOR   and the INTERNAL  eye/ optical nerve ....photon symbolic the  bio-communications ENGLISH  language channels inside the brain  processor.    The the salt water ENGLISH channel and the salt water of the North Sea  ...physical geology and physical geography maps of World War events .......are POINTERS ---> to the  eye/ optical data stream with the  symbolic messages

North SEA ---> NORTH Pole magnetic field SEE ...optics and bio-magnetic optics ......the ability of Santa Claus of the NORTH Pole magnetic field to SEE/ be aware of the  iron HEMOGLOBIN  protein people and their BAL bio-computer BALONEY social science and family  stories.


Part of the Hierarchy Problem of   the Margaret Mead atomic nuclear  family  ...are the atomic social anthropology awareness problems in the Office of Science, DARPA,  MIT, UC, Stanford, Washington, DC...etc.

The mathematical physics BALONEY concept equation require 2 parts:


1) BAL = Nature's  Basic Assembler Language specuial agent authorized under Einstein' s  data processing DATA FIELD theory ..HERBAL ---> Herb + BAL.   


2) ONE --> the sum of the Fermi-Dirac probability  ....the  odds of life  = ONE   .......such as human specimen at FermILAB with  Nature's concept  proper noun  of  ODD + ONE.


The other examples of geography  expressions of TWO CULTURES:

---> North and South Korea

---> North and South Vietnam

---> North and South Dakota, USA
---> North and South Carolina, USA 


--> East and West Pakistan ......explaining  the architecture and structure of the modern periodic atomic table ........
Pakistan --> PA + ki + STAN --> Particles  + ki + Standard model physics ...which OMITS such details as:


...................... Standard model physics, geo-physics,  bio-physics and 1943 Salvador Dali geopolitical .....

........AfghaniSTAN  war ZONE...physical war over the iNTELLECTUAL WAR with universities
............,.PakiSTAN problems express STANDARD Model ommissions  in atomic anthroplogy.


Thus we see the HIERARCHY PROBLEM American soldiers die in year 2012.... so the University of Wisconsin, University of Chicago , Princeton, MIT ...can bragg ...  ..that soldiers  fight and die  to protect   their bragging ERRORS and  their BALONEY social science explanations of events and happenings.


In addition, Pakistan relates to the social sciences, symbols,  and BRAND NAME advertising.


Pakistan ---> Packed decimal number ERRORS in the bio-computer brains of the Green Bay football team fans 


Pakistan ---> a 6-pack of beer or soda water beverage 


Thus we see that atomic bio-physics humanoids ought resepect the  atomic English language of 26 letters of 26 protons of iron / ferrous oxide.   FermILAB  represents the FEDERAL government on  ferrous  oxide HEME group Fe(ii) ion  B100D  policy  ......  and the Fe(ii) --> Fe( TWO iron TOWERS) battle of the Manhattan project ....1942/1943   to  the  IRON MAN  battle of   SEPT 11, 2001 . 

IRON MAN --> IRON Towers, MAN = Manhattan with Alan Sokal and the SCIENCE WARS debate.

The debate involved the symbolic life of  Arch DUKE Ferdinand of year 1914 represented by DUKE University...who ought try someday to understand  ...that  DUKE intellectual dribble  and DUKE  basketball  dribble are an example of Nature's supersymmetry experiments. 


Unfortunately, their violation of the  iron B100D communication  laws of the  Arch DUKE continues to be a problem in year 2012 ........that is the
Arch Duke Fe of the periodic atomic table of  life and expressions 

Arch --> Nature's system architecture 


Fe= Ferous oxide atomic element and its thoughts via IRON proteins ..etc.





---> East and West Germany  ...message for the Physics Leader Merkel of Germany 

Germany --> G
G = universal gravitational constant thought region

G ---> the partition of gravity into EAST and WEST  components with some  vector direction

small letter g points to the west 

small letter q points to the east


The modern English alphabet is a Latin alphabet consisting of 26 letters – the same letters that are found in the ISO basic Latin alphabet:

Majuscule forms (also called uppercase or capital letters)
Minuscule forms (also called lowercase or small letters)
a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z


Above the gravity grammer alphabet  ...from:    g,h,i    thru  n,o,p,q ........thus the letters act like book-ends in library.

Thus we see an EARTH language, a gravity language, a magnteic field language ... they all interact  with humans and daily life.   We ought try to understand life.


--> The West Road in Europe  at Cambridge (EAST astrophysics THEORY)  and
......the WEST Road in Wisconsin near Hubble(ton) (WEST astrophysics Applications).


Thus we see the evolution of Eric Berne TA = Transactional Analysis self-help psychology ...
to Numeric Berne version of TA = Theory and Applications 



Thus we have some CLUES and examples of the C.P.SNOW .....TWO Cultures lecture of 1959.






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